Jilin Agricultural University

Jilin Agricultural University was founded in 1948 originally dealing with veterinary profession. Over 63 year development, JAU has grown into a key comprehensive provincial university with all academic fields covering agriculture, basic sciences, engineering, medicine, liberal arts, management, law, education. It is one of China’s earliest higher education institutions to award the academic degrees at bachelor and master levels. In 1993, JAU was authorized to be one of the earliest institutions of higher education for awarding Ph.D. degrees in Jilin province. years undergraduate veterinary degrees program. The Preventive Veterinary Medicine of Jilin Agricultural University was the first national Master Program recognized and authorized. After 2000, the Basic Veterinary Science and Clinical Veterinary Medicine were authorized the qualification of Master’s degree, a total of 83 people successfully graduated. Currently, the number of postgraduate students in Preventive Veterinary Medicine, Basic Veterinary Medicine and Clinical Veterinary Medicine are 139,42 and 26 , respectively a total of 207 people.