Royal University of Agriculture

Royal University of Agriculture (RUA) is one of the 9 national universities in Cambodia, founded in 1964. RUA is technically supervised by Ministry of Agriculture Forestry and Fisheries. It is academicallyaccredited by Ministry of Education Youth and Sport. There are eight faculties (faculty of agronomy science; animal science and veterinary medicine; forestry science; fisheries science; agricultural technology and management; agricultural economics and rural development; agro-industry; and land management and land administration) and one graduate school, two division, one department, three centers and four offices RUA offers associate, bachelor, master and doctoral education for over 4,000 students per year. RUA research and educational direction focus on agricultural, natural environment and society (impact of agriculture on environment, climate change adaptation and mitigation and bio-energy), food quality and markets (food safety, food processing, pre-harvest, harvest and post-harvest technologies, development of farmers’ organization models to ensure the quality of agricultural products supply,value chain studies to describe formal and informal agricultural production and marketing), agricultural engineering and appropriate technology (design agricultural equipments, development of cook stove,renewable energy) and intensification and productivity improvement of cropping, aquatic and animal production systems (outreach, innovation, adaptation and diffusion, soil characteristics and management, plant production and protection, aquaculture, fish and fishery, animal nutrition, animal breeding and health, development of integrated farming systems).