Starting the academic course at RUA under the REVET Curriculum

The Royal Agriculture University (RUA) of Cambodia have started the new academic course 2019/2020 under the REVET Curriculum.

In fact, the bachelor students of the Veterinary faculty have enrolled in the new up-dated course prepared within the REVET Project.

The laboratory technicians have beneficiated from these courses as well. Indeed they attended the training “Blood sampling from chicken to identify haemoparasites” prepared under the subject Clinical Pathology.

Also other bachelor students from other institutions could benefit from the REVET Curriculum (One Health training) , additionally academics from REVET Partner Institution were invited to give lectures (for example Prof. Bambang Poinjo from IPB Bogor, Indonesia) .

On the other hand, the new equipment bought under REVET were used in theoretical and practical classrooms, this last being the case of the X-Ray practical training at the Veterinary Teaching Hospital of RUA.