During the work package 1 (WP1) two experts of each European Partner HEI will travel to Asia to realize an “In depth study of the state of art”.

This in field study will be necessary to develop a quantitative and qualitative comprehensive report of the situation and variables which act in the field of veterinary studies in HEIs of Asian partner countries. Reports are available for download in the “Documents” section of this website.


This WP will result with the creation, design and maintenance of a networking environment as a tool to share all relevant information’s related to the project.
The ENVT is the leader of this WP and the responsible of the online training courses about Bologna Process in European Higher Education Area.

Training on Bologna Process:

  • To access the course,please use the link: http://moodlefc.envt.fr/
  • Choose the course REVET in the category “Divers”
  • At the next screen, choose “Autres utilisateurs” and finally enter your credentials.


Theoretical and practical training of 3 staff members from each Asian partner University, who will move to Europe to the 3 European universities of the Consortium. The 30 Asian staff will be divided into 3 groups; 10 Staff will visit for ten days the Ecole Nationale Veterinaire Toulose (France), 10 staff will visit for ten days the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Spain). The other group of 10 Staff will move to the University of Porto (Portugal). The training will focus on new teaching methodologies applied to the field of veterinary medicine. During the stay, an exchange of knowledge between Asian and European Staff will be held through technical visits to public and private institutions related to the veterinary sector in both countries. The Asian incoming Staff will present also lectures and talks about topics of mutual interest on which they have particular experience and knowledge (for example exotic pets and associated risks). These lectures will be opened to all students.

The ToT will be held in February-March 2018


After conducting a comprehensive analysis and diagnosis of the situation of veterinary studies in each participating Asian university, a Curriculum Committee will be established for each Asian country and the Curricular Content for the creation or strengthening of veterinary faculties will be designed in various Asian universities, reaching a maximum convergence with the current system in the European Higher Education Area. Minimum competencies of teaching staff shall be defined and relevant training materials will be developed. Proposals will be submitted to Ministry of Education of each Asian partner country for approval. Likewise, the equipment needed for optimal training, especially in laboratories and veterinary clinics and hospitals of the universities involved will be analyzed.


Once approved the new Curriculum Content, both new and reinforced curriculums will begin to be used from the third year of the project.
Equipment Implementation:
After being defined the equipment needs of each veterinary school of Asian partners universities, it will proceed to purchase and implement the equipment, following strict viability criteria such as priority, sustainability and efficiency.


The REVET Quality committee will define the roadmap to follow and quality standards to be achieved by each method defined in the new Quality Plan of the Faculties of Veterinary Asian countries included in the project. At the same time, the methodology for monitoring, evaluation and control of the parameters defined in the Plan will be defined. The project aims to develop 2 External Audits throughout the project: 2 technical audits, coinciding with the end of the second and third year of the project and 1 finantial audit at the end of the project.

The Quality Plan – Available for download only for registered users in the Documents section of this webpage.

[WP7] Dissemination and Exploitation

Through this WP the project visibility will be promoted. The Dissemination and Exploitation Committee (DEC) will be in charge of ensuring the REVET visibility both in Programme and Partner countries.

The REVET Dissemination Strategy Plan as well as the promotional materials are available for download in the Documents section of this webpage